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Dikemaskini : 12 Julai 2016

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Dikemaskini : 14 Januari 2016

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Dikemaskini : 18 Julai 2016


⍈ (11-15 July 2016) Workshop for Regulators on Authorization and Inspection of Radiation Sources in Medical and Industrial Practices; Organised by AELB-IAEA-UKM; Vanue at National University of Malaysia (UKM).

⍈ (18–22 July 2016) Regional Training Course on Physical Protection and Security Management for Research Reactors; Organised by AELB–IAEA–UKM; Vanue at National University of Malaysia (UKM).

⍈ (25–29 July 2016) 5th Regional Review Meeting of the Southeast and South Asia Radiological Security Partnership; Organised by AELB & NNSA USDoE; Vanue at Pulau Pinang.

⍈ (29-30 July 2016) AELB Awareness Program for Karnival Creativity & Science4U 2016 Negeri Johor; Organised by MOSTI; Vanue at Kluang, Johor.

⍈ (23–25 August 2016) Regional Workshop for Senior Management on Safety Culture Enhancement; Organised by AELB & IAEA; Vanue at Putrajaya.

⍈ (5–8 September 2016) Southeast Asia Regional Workshop on Complementary Access under the IAEA Additional Protocol; Organised by AELB & USDoE; Vanue at Putrajaya.